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Domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, family violence, etc.) is a very serious issue. It comes in many shapes and forms and can leave both physical and emotional scars on the victim(s).

When Safety Is a Priority

Domestic violence and harassment can complicate divorce and family law matters. When one party feels threatened by a spouse, former partner, or another relative, an Order of Protection may be sought or defended against with the assistance of an attorney.

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There are different types of Orders of Protection with specific purposes and provisions depending on the situation. An experienced attorney can help you explore your options and help restore your sense of safety and peace of mind. Shari Rackman will work diligently to see that your welfare, and that of any children you have, is protected.

Building a Solid Defense Against Allegations of Domestic Violence

A person who is accused of domestic violence and is the accused party in an Order of Protection may have his or her rights severely limited and can be at a disadvantage when it comes to seeking child custody or visitation. Because allegations of domestic violence often affect people for the rest of their lives, it is in the best interests of those accused to seek competent, professional counsel right away. Working out of Tarrytown, New York, Shari Rackman has extensive experience handling spousal abuse claims and can provide you with the representation necessary to protect your reputation as well as your rights.