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Divorce takes an emotional toll on everyone and the decisions you make during this process will have an enormous impact on your future. The right divorce attorney can make a peaceful divorce possible, all the while ensuring that clients emerge with reasonable resolutions regarding finances and childcare. Ms. Rackman knows how critical this transition is and is dedicated to walking you through each step of the process while doing everything possible to protect what matters to you. Her goal is to reach a settlement that allows you to move forward with your life.

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When you and your spouse get married you build a life together. When you divorce, you are left to figure out how to disassemble and divide the foundation that you worked hard to build. The guidance of an experienced attorney to help you navigate an equitable settlement can be invaluable. Shari Rackman provides professional and individualized representation throughout your divorce to help you reach an equitable division of property.

Your case is unique and there is no formula that works for all cases. That is why Ms. Rackman listens to your situation and goals, and then designs a strategy that will work for you and your family.

Whether you are contemplating a divorce or in the midst of a battle, you deserve high-quality representation from a lawyer you can trust. That is exactly what you will receive if you work with the Law Office of Shari B. Rackman. A sympathetic and knowledgeable divorce attorney, Shari Rackman strives to make divorce proceedings as seamless and drama-free as possible, paving the road for a better life after this painful process is complete.