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The purpose of child support is to meet the needs of children whose parents choose not to marry, or end up divorcing. Child support agreements typically take into account the custody arrangement, the monthly income of both parents, and the number of children the agreement is intended to support. When you are in the midst of a divorce, or have a child with someone to whom you are not married, you have a right to seek financial help to care for that child. Attorney Shari Rackman has two decades of experience helping clients come to satisfactory child support agreements that ensure the financial needs of their children are met.

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Child Support in New York

Physically raising a child is challenging enough. Custodial parents should not have to bear the financial responsibility of caring for their offspring on their own as well. Receiving sufficient child support from the child’s other parent alleviates much of that burden, allowing a custodial parent to focus more of his or her attention on caring for his or her children. It’s possible that the parents of the child will be able to come to an agreement outside of the court system with the help of their legal representatives. By involving legal counsel, a parent not only ensures they have someone to help make their case about the amount of financial support they need, but has someone who can go over documents and support agreements before they are signed to make sure what’s on the page matches what they have been told they will receive.

Modification of Child Support in New York

While an initial child support agreement is meant to take into account all factors, the circumstances of the support situation may change. This can be due to a change in the child custody arrangement, changes in the employment status of either parent, or to changes in a child’s needs, such as the costs of enrollment into a private school or medical expenses. When circumstances change, a parent has the right to an amendment of the child support agreement to better meet his or her financial needs.

Based out of Tarrytown, the Law Office of Shari B. Rackman provides clients with experienced representation in child support cases. When you need to arrange support, or modify an existing child support agreement, Ms. Rackman is your dedicated attorney with experience in family law.